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By | September 8, 2018

Download Apental APK new version 2018 for Android. Facebook has grown up to 2.3 billion people; it has become a common platform for the people to engage with one another. Though some controversies pull this world’s top social networking site down, every time this manages to get out from the trouble. Facebook is the world’s leading social networking website, and people now earning great business from here.

But, there may be very few who are struggling to get some recognition out there, aside from earning business. Like, if you do not spend much time on Facebook, and has a limited circle of people with the limited numbers. You do not share content on Facebook, nor update the status, or are not active in Facebook groups; you would have no presence on Facebook.

In that matter, you should get assistance from the FB Auto Liker Apk. There may be hundreds of Auto Liker, people are using these auto likers to boom the numbers of likes on Facebook. And you as well can do the same. In my opinion, Apental (Auto Liker) is the best. I had recommended this liker to some of my friends and they were happy with the results. So, if you as well getting the same issue, not getting the popularity on Facebook, gets the right use of Apental Calc. You can download the new version of ApentalCalc from the given download link and then follow me to get the job done.

Apental App ICON

Apental Review:

Whatever Auto Liker one uses on Facebook, they should read the review about that first. Because of some auto liker apps malign with the malicious codes which can reveal your privacy tear apart your secrecy. But, Apental is one of the most used and followed Auto Liker, I have myself used this application, and every time I got mind-boggling results.

As of now, Apental has become a household name, like the leading application in the market. Every market got a leading player, like Amazon in the online retail market, in the same way, Apental is a leading horse in the world of auto Liker or free likes market.

What I loved the most about this application, the trust. The application never breaks your trust, and every time you get what you are hunting for, one of the secure applications which provide you impressions with just one tap of the finger. The interface on the other hand of this application is astonishing, everything has just adorned on the dashboard. And by clicking the tabs you can manage the stuff easily.

Features of Apental APK:

  • Apental loaded with the arrays of features to help you out from no likes to the thousands of impressions.
  • It is free of cost platform, and all the resources available there can be used without spending a penny.
  • One can get free impressions on Facebook pages, statuses, images, videos, and profiles without any hiccup.
  • The interface of the application is impressive, a neat navigation with necessary tabs.
  • You can get unlimited numbers of likes and comments.
  • Even can advertise your brand on Facebook and drive traffic to your Facebook page to stand out within hours.
  • You can install Apental app on any mobile phone; it got no installation or compatibility issue.
  • Smooth and easy to use application.

How to use ApentalĀ Calc:

The use of the application is very important; there are some steps you need to take care of before going to use the application. But, overall the application is very handy; by reading the instruction even a kid would use the application without any problem or error.

Change the Privacy of Facebook Account:

One of the most important step and many of the users what I found commenting the application does not work, do not change the Facebook privacy settings. Any auto Liker what you use, would not work if you have private Facebook settings.

  1. Go to the settings and change timeline and tagging settings to everyone.
  2. Who can see your stuff to the public?
  3. Who can like, comment and share your content with anyone?
  4. And who can contact you on Facebook for anyone?
  5. If you are desired to get followers, and then enable the follower option from there, but to get this done, you should be at least 18 years old.
  6. Now, you are all set to get the Facebook likes, comments, and shares.

Change the Android’s installation settings:

  1. Now, you come to the installation of the application, before installing it, you need to change the installation settings.
  2. Go to settings -> security settings -> and check the unknown source radio button.
  3. Launch it on your Android device, and you can get the immense numbers of auto likes by just following what I am going to tell.

Get Facebook Likes now:

  1. Now, the last step comes, which leads you to get free Facebook likes.
  2. You need to launch the application on your phone and provide you Facebook ID with a password.
  3. You will see the screen, from where you can select your image, tap on the chosen image and then choose that image on which you want to get Facebook likes.
  4. Now, the next step comes where you can see the image you have chosen, and on the right-hand side of the image, the privacy of the image. You can even change the privacy of the image from here too.
  5. In the next windows, you will see the numbers of Facebook likes what you want to get, put that number and tap on the green button.
  6. Apental Calc Image
  7. And after that, you will start getting the free Likes on Facebook. The numbers of likes may not come to you at once, they will come in pauses.
  8. But, surely you can repeat the process after half an hour, and restrict yourself to 200 likes on Facebook as if you go beyond that number Facebook may get you and block your account.

Apental is a safe and secure way to get Facebook presence, thousands of people get likes by using auto liker and most of them use Apental. You can have this without any subscription or paying any amount. And using this application is not illegal; you are not hurting anyone or breaking any law. Download Apental APK from the given download link and install it on your Android devices.

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